Breakfasts from Southland Caterers

Begin your day on the sunny side with a Southland Caterers breakfast buffet catering.  Leave the cooking to us for your early morning business meetings and get-togethers.  For lighter fare try one of our continental breakfasts with assorted bakery items, fresh fruit salad and juice.  Or start the day with one of our hearty hot breakfasts.
  • Southland Scrambler $7.75 Per Person*

Fluffy scrambled eggs with choice of three slices of bacon or three sausage links, homestyle breakfast potatoes, 100% pure orange juice with choice of bagels and muffins or pancakes.

  Add fresh fruit salad $2.50 per person

  • Baked French Toast Casserole $7.50 Per Person*

Layered French toast baked golden brown topped with walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon. Served with 100% pure orange juice, breakfast sausage links, butter and syrup.
(order in increments of 8 people only)

  • Southland Breakfast Focaccia Pizza  $7.75 Per Person*

Fluffy scrambled eggs topped with choice of pork sausage, bacon or veggies and mozzarella cheese on a thick pizza crust. Served with 100% pure orange juice and fresh fruit salad.
(order in increments of 5 people only, minimum 15)

  • Baked Breakfast $6.95  Per Person*

Egg and cheese casserole with choice of filling (broccoli, sausage, bacon, ham or cheese only), 100% pure orange juice, homestyle breakfast potatoes, with choice of bagels and muffins or pancakes.

  Add fresh fruit salad $2.50 per person

  • Breakfast Bagel Sandwich $5.95 Per Person*

Your choice of sausage or bacon with egg and cheese.  Includes homestyle breakfast potatoes and 100% pure orange juice.

  • Continental Premium $5.25 Per Person*

100% pure orange juice, seasonal fresh fruit salad, and assorted bakery items.

  •  Continental $3.95 Per Person*

100% pure orange juice with assorted bakery items.

Bakery Items

Muffins, breakfast breads, donuts, sweet rolls, croissants, coffee cakes or bagels, all with appropriate accompaniments.

All breakfast packages include heavy duty plates, forks, knives, napkins and serving utensils.

*Minimum order for breakfast packages is 15 people.

Breakfast Options Ala Carte:

Scrambled eggs (pan feeds 45-50) $75.00

Egg Casserole with cheese (feeds 25-30) $50.00

     Choice of filling (ham, sausage, bacon, broccoli or cheese only)

Baked French Toast (pan feeds about 24 includes butter & syrup) $55.00

Breakfast Potatoes (with bacon & onion) $5.50 per pound

Biscuits with sausage gravy (two biscuits per person) $2.75 per person

Sausage Links or Bacon slices  (3 pieces) $1.95 per person 

Pancakes (includes two pancakes, butter and syrup) $1.75 per person

French Toast Slices(includes two french toast slices, butter and syrup) $2.50 per person

Yogurt Parfaits (with fruit filling & granola) $2.75 each

Fresh Fruit Salad $9.50 per pound

Orange Juice  $1.95 each

Coffee Service

  Choice of regular or decaf; includes assorted creamers, sugar, equal, stirrers and cups.
  1 gallon (16 to 20 cups) $18.95 
  Small     (40 to 60 cups) $35.00 
  Large   (85 to 100 cups) $65.00