Southland Caterers' Customer Testimonials


"The Food was DELICIOUS and the portions were more than generous.  We received many compliments on the luncheon.  We are happy and proud to share your contact information with our family and friends."

Kathy L.
Frankfort, IL

"I just wanted to thank you for the delicious food you provided.  The entrees and desserts were to die for!  We appreciate all the work and help that went into catering my mom's party.  She had a blast and says thank you!!"

Jessica R.
Frankfort, IL

Review: Thanksgiving Dinner At The Hennessys, Courtesy Southland Caterers

Thanksgiving dinner at the Hennessys, Southland Caterers
My plate minus the excellent cranberry sauce, courtesy Jim & Glenna Hennessy and Southland Caterers. (ENEWSPF)

By Gary Kopycinski

I want to tell you that I had the most excellent Thanksgiving meal at the home of my friends Jim and Glenna Hennessy, a feast prepared by Southland Caterers.

And I really did.

Yes, Southland Caterers advertise on eNews Park Forest. But let me say this: I would not have been inspired to write this column at all if the meal had been anything less than fabulous.

Absolutely fabulous.

Originally published at eNews Park Forest. Reproduced with permission.